21 November, 2019

3 Most Important Metrics In Your Marketing

If you’re not looking at the right numbers in your appliance repair company, you could make a million dollars a year, and still end up going out of business. Sound far-fetched? This is exactly what happened to our client in Jacksonville. ARM was sending them 500 calls a month when their bus ... Continue Reading

18 November, 2019

4 Ways Unanswered Calls Are Secretly Sabotaging Your Business

If you’re an ARM client, you’re paying us thousands of dollars every month to make your phone ring. And yet, we still have clients making excuses about why they can’t answer the phone every time. It’s crazy. So today, it’s time for a little tough love. I’m sharing this with you today becaus ... Continue Reading

07 June, 2019

3 Warning Signs Your Marketing Agency Is Deceiving You

I don’t want to say “lying”... but pretty darn close. Marketing agencies have a long history of lying to their clients. I mean decades long. Going all the way back to the early 1900’s! Back then, it was called, “keeping your name before the public” and “brand advertising.” This was how mark ... Continue Reading