If I had a nickel for every time I heard a story like this…

An appliance repair owner hires and fires 3 or 4 marketing agencies because…even though they all PROMISED they’d make his phone ring…none of them could.

Then he FINALLY finds a marketing agency that makes his phone ring.

He’s overjoyed. “Finally! Someone understands what my business really needs…phone calls!”

Then 3 weeks later, every time his phone rings he gets the shakes. He winces. He bites his tongue.

He thinks, “Oh no, not another phone call!”

He gets PTSD…Phone Trauma Stress Disorder.


Because he found out that PHONE CALLS are NOT what his business needs after all.

What his business really needs are APPOINTMENTS with high-value, COD customers.

But what was he getting every time his phone rang?

  • Callers wanting to know how to fix it themselves
  • Callers from outside his service area
  • Callers from low-income areas who can’t afford to pay
  • Callers who just wanted a quote
  • Callers with problems with really old, low-cost appliances like microwaves

Sure, his phone was ringing. The marketing agency succeeded there. But the phone calls were not helping his business!

His trucks were still sitting idle most of the day. His techs were looking at Facebook on their phones…or looking for a new job! His calendar had gaping holes in it.

How did this happen?

It happened because his marketing agency didn’t know how to make his phone ring with the RIGHT kinds of callers…callers that turn into paying appointments. So, he fires yet another marketing company and goes back to the drawing board.

“Why doesn’t anybody understand my business?”

Here’s the reason that marketing agencies don’t understand your business…

The only variable they know how to optimize for is PHONE CALLS.

They know how to set up your campaigns to get as many PHONE CALLS as possible for the money you give them spend.

They think all phone calls are the same.

But as you and I know, that’s definitely not true.

If you get 100 calls every day and 99 of them are crap? 99 are wasting your time? 99 are costing you money?

Well, you’d have PTSD too!

You’re suffering but your marketing agency thinks, “Hey look what a great job we did for you! Pay us more money!”

So, what’s the solution?

The only solution is to work with an agency who REALLY knows what your business needs.

  • An agency that has worked exclusively with appliance repair owners for almost a decade.
  • An agency that knows the difference between a good appliance repair customer and a bad one.
  • An agency that will eliminate as many low-value phone calls as possible.
  • And the only agency that fits that description is ARM.

Now, you may be asking, “Isn’t it POSSIBLE that my marketing agency will EVENTUALLY figure out how to send me good phone calls instead of bad ones?”

Anything is possible.

Imagine this…


A customer calls you up and says, “My freezer is busted.” And you say, “Well, I have a tech who’s LEARNING how to fix freezers but he’s not quite up to speed yet. I’ll send him out and you can pay his hourly rate for 7 or 8 hours until he figures out how to fix your freezer.”

What would YOUR customer say to you?

Right. “Go pound sand!”


But what if you told your customer, “My freezer tech has worked ONLY on freezers EXACTLY like yours for almost a decade. And if he doesn’t fix it in 20 minutes, I’ll give you DOUBLE your money back.”

Then what would your customer say?

Right. “Get that tech out here as fast as possible!”


Since 2011, ARM has worked exclusively with hundreds of the best and brightest appliance repair owners in the industry. And we have delivered APPOINTMENTS, month after month, and year after year.

We’re so confident that, if we don’t get you results, we’ll give you double your money back.

How can we offer a guarantee that no one else can even touch?

Call us today and let’s talk.

About the Author

Justin Eckrich
Founder and CEO.
Appliance Repair Marketing, LLC

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