If you’re not looking at the right numbers in your appliance repair company, you could make a million dollars a year, and still end up going out of business.

Sound far-fetched? This is exactly what happened to our client in Jacksonville. ARM was sending them 500 calls a month when their business crashed.

Things looked great on the surface – the owner had just hired three new techs and purchased another franchise from Mr. Appliance – but because he wasn’t paying attention to the right numbers, he wasn’t pulling a profit, and the company ended up going under.

Another one of our clients, in Tampa, was frustrated with his profit margins, and he wondered why he wasn’t making any money – until we encouraged him to dig deeper into his numbers. Turns out, there was one technician on the payroll that was constantly losing money for the business. Once the owner fired that tech, his business bounced back.

Our Cleveland client was shocked when we told him 50% of his calls were going unanswered. “That’s impossible,” he said. “We never miss a call!” But I showed him the recordings of his calls, and proved that half his calls were going to voicemail. He investigated and discovered the new phone system he’d recently installed wasn’t working properly.

He fixed the problem, his unanswered call percentage went down to 7%, and he started making more money.

Why am I sharing these stories? It’s not to scare you – it’s to show you how important it is to be looking at the numbers in your business.

Bottom line: You won’t know what’s going on in your business if you don’t regularly review your numbers.

Let’s talk about why this is so important, and get more specific about what numbers you need to pay attention to in your business (and which ones you can ignore).

Why Measuring Matters

  1. If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. If you don’t know your numbers in these key areas, you can’t improve them – because you won’t know there’s an issue going on. Ever heard the phrase “What gets measured, gets managed”? That applies here.
    If you’re clueless about your most important metrics, you can’t make the changes that will help you make more money.
  2. You have to measure the things that are actually going to move the needle in your business. I could give you a big list of numbers that don’t matter in your business. I’m talking about things like page rank, bounce rate, or even revenue. These metrics won’t help you build your business or make more money.
    But especially in your marketing, it boils down to just three things:

    • Number of calls
    • Number of unanswered calls
    • Booked appointment percentage

    These numbers are the ones that really matter – and what will really grow your income and help you put more trucks on the road.

  3. You can’t just rely on your instincts, when it comes to your business. The stakes are too high for you to just “trust your gut” and ignore the numbers. That’s not how real professionals run their businesses. Sometimes (in fact, often) our gut is wrong, or we misinterpret the nudges we’re getting from our intuition.

The Metrics That Matter for Your Appliance Repair Business

Metric #1: Number of calls

How many calls are you getting every month?

Marketers love to talk about website traffic, page rank, and visibility – but all the exposure and traffic in the world won’t help you if none of your website visitors are picking up the phone to call you.

Metric #2: Number of unanswered calls

You could be getting a thousand calls a month, but if you don’t answer the phone, you can’t book the job. And if you don’t book the job, you’re not going to make any money.

If you’re letting calls go to voicemail, you don’t even get the chance to convert those calls into customers.

Metric #3: Booked appointment percentage

This is another pivotal conversion point in your business.

Again, you could get thousands of calls every month – but if you’re not converting those callers into booked appointments, your business can’t grow. You must be looking at this number regularly, to see where you can improve and how you can build your profits.

How ARM Can Help

Appliance Repair Marketing has been working exclusively with appliance repair companies since 2011, and we’ve generated nearly 1,000,000 appliance repair calls for our clients.

We know which metrics matter for your business, and which ones don’t.

We’ve invested nearly a quarter of a million dollars revamping our client dashboard so it gives our clients exactly what they need to grow their businesses – including the three critical metrics we’ve been talking about in this post.

Our goal is not just to send you calls – but to partner with you to grow your business. These 3 metrics are the building blocks for predictable, scalable marketing that makes you bulletproof.

And that’s why we make it so easy for our clients to track their most important metrics every day.

Want to find out if you’re eligible to become an ARM client, so you can get more leads, put more trucks on the road, and see these numbers quickly and easily? We only work with one appliance repair company per city, so our customers always get exclusive leads. Find out if your city is available by visiting this page.