Because the Appliance Repair Marketing System is about more than just driving traffic or generating leads, we’ve created a transparent pricing model that ensures every Partner, from Phoenix, to Baltimore, gets the same standardized pricing, based on results.

Unlike most marketing agencies and consultants, who lump their fees and adspend into one murky bundle, we offer simple, transparent pricing, so you know exactly where your advertising dollars are going.

Because we keep your Google Adwords budget separate from our monthly fees, you can feel safe knowing when you increase your budget, it’s actually going toward growing your business and not into our pocket.

With proven results, and GUARANTEED ROI, you can literally scale your business with the push of a button.

How Confident Are We?

  • You’ll Have New Customers Within 7 Days GUARANTEED – If your phones aren’t ringing within the first 7 days, and you don’t have at least one new customer, we’ll gladly refund every single penny.
  • You Get 100% Exclusive Rights In Your Area GUARANTEED – Because we only partner with ONE appliance repair company per area, not only do you get 100% exclusive leads, but you control your entire market.
  • Take The 30 Day Challenge – Put us to the test.  Run the ARM System ‘side by side’ with your current Adwords campaigns, and if we don’t deliver a higher ROI, you don’t owe us a dime.  Period.Are you up for the challenge?


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