Simple Phone Script System

Early on, we had a client that was unhappy with our services. No matter how many calls we sent her, she was always complaining about not making any money.

First, she wanted more leads. Then she wanted better leads. Then she wanted credit for all the leads she wasn’t booking. On and on, and on, she went.

Finally, I got smart and started listening to her calls. And it hit me like a ton of bricks!

She was not using a script. She didn’t have a system.

Right then and there, the Simple Phone Script System was born.

To her delight, and ours, she started making money. She bought a new van. Hired more techs. And expanded her territory. (And she stopped complaining about our program not working.)

In fact, her entire business changed because of the Simple Phone Script System. And yours can too.

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But you have to implement it.

All the leads in the world are worthless if you can’t turn them into customers.


Justin Eckrich
Founder & CEO
Appliance Repair Marketing, LLC.


P.S. The happiest clients, and the ones that make the most money, are clients that ruthlessly implement the Simple Phone Script System.

Please share this with your team. Don’t let it be optional – make sure they go through this training.

Your business depends on it!