If you’re like most appliance repair companies, you’re desperately doing everything you can to get your phones to ring – the Yellow Pages, Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, or maybe you’ve hired some expensive “SEO Guru.” But what if your receptionist was secretly undermining your advertising right under your nose? (Of course she’s not doing it on purpose, but every time she lets a lead slip away, it’s like flushing YOUR hard-earned money down the toilet!) With your entire advertising budget riding on your receptionist’s shoulders…wouldn’t it make sense to give her a simple phone script that’s GUARANTEED to DOUBLE YOUR APPOINTMENTS overnight? Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover:

  • How to STOP your leads from dialing your competition – This simple sales technique prevents your prospects from “shopping around” and books the appointment on the very first call.
  • The ONE thing every caller wants, but you should NEVER give them – Without knowing this sales secret, not only is your receptionist giving away too much information, but she’s giving away the sale. (And it has nothing to do with a quote over the phone.)
  • The “Slippery Slope Sales Method” – How “micro-commitments” keep the conversation moving toward “YES!” (This easy to learn sales technique has been taught by Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, and Brian Tracy to audiences around the world.)
  • How To Avoid “The Appointment Killer” – This single question kills more sales than any receptionist would dare to admit. (But with her simple phone script in hand, she’s armed and ready the next time this happens.)
  • SPECIAL BONUS #1 – 9 LIVE MP3 Recordings – You’ll hear the Simple Phone Script System in action, from my REAL clients. (By internalizing this simple phone script, you might very well double your daily appointments too.)
  • SPECIAL BONUS #2 – Simple Phone Script “Cheat Sheet”: (Instant PDF download) outlines the “7 Rules & 5 Hypnotic Questions” of the Simple Phone Script System. Plus, all the essential tips & tricks on a single, “print-friendly” piece of paper for easy reference.
  • SPECIAL BONUS #3 – Simple Phone Script Video Training: With this powerful video commentary, you’ll get even more tips & tricks to complete your arsenal, so you’ll know exactly what to say, what not to say, and when. (You’ll learn how the 7 Rules & 5 Hypnotic Questions work hand in hand, so you can DOUBLE your appointments by the end of the day.)

In-person sales training similar to this can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and take weeks to prepare. Not to mention the out of pocket expense as your business shuts down so employees can attend the training. But when you sign up today, you get the entire Appliance Repair Marketing “Simple Phone Script System,” including your 3 special bonuses, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

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