“Hello, great day at Dan’s Appliance, may I help you?” Doris smiled through her normal rough tone and croupy voice.

Doris was the first real employee Dan ever hired. In the ten years since she started, she’s helped with accounting, payroll, HR, janitorial duties, wiped snotty noses, broken up fights, and especially answered the phone.

She was never particularly great at answering the phone, but her strong personality and “take no prisoners” attitude fit well with a small company that was as rough around the edges as she was.

It was a comfortable and convenient fit for everybody.

Ten years later, she’s as strong and dependable as ever.

With 5 trucks, 4 techs (not including Dan), and a real business now, Doris is the glue that holds everything together.

“Hello, great day at Dan’s Appliance, may I help you?” Doris smiled with her 2 pack of Marlboros a day charm.

“Yes, sir, we repair all makes and models and our service fee is waived with the repair,” she chimed.

“We can get somebody out today between 3 and 5…,” she rolled her eyes, bored, but still smiling.

“What about tomorrow then…? …No? Okay, well if you change your mind, give us a call back,” she sighed, hanging up the phone.

As Dan hurried past her desk, she quipped, “People are so impatient these days. You offer them same day service, and they’re still not happy. It’s not like it used to be, Dan.”

If Doris only knew.

With the Yellow Pages finally biting the dust, and this whole internet thing taking over, business was tough lately. Dan wasn’t about to let it show, but pressure was mounting.

“No appointment?” he snapped.

“Nope, said he was gonna call around,” she said with a puzzled look on her face. “You know, I’ve been getting a lot of those lately, even when we have spots open same day.”

“Are the phones ringing?” Dan asked, throwing out his hands? He was thinking about the pretty penny he just paid for his new website and SEO Guy, butterflies churning.

“We’re getting calls, but people don’t want to set the appointment anymore. Dan, I’m answering the phone the same way I have for the past ten years… I don’t know what’s going on.”

Frustrated, but not wanting to discourage Doris any more than he already had, Dan softened his tone, “Keep trying, Doris, we’ll figure it out.”

Let’s pause the story right there for just a minute.

Obviously, this isn’t a true story…but it could be.

In fact, it could be YOUR story.

Maybe you’re feeling the pain of the Yellow Pages fading out, and the “fear of the unknown,” with the internet creeping in…

Maybe you’ve felt the anguish and frustration of paying some Internet Guru to build you a new website only to find you’re still not getting any real results…

Maybe “Doris” reminds you of your receptionist, and you can feel the tension and frustration of Dan’s story when it comes to not getting the volume of appointments that you used to…

Maybe there’s some truth to this story after all.

Having worked with appliance repair companies for the past 18 months, I know about your struggles, and pains, and secret gripes.

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