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How D&D Appliance Service Tripled Their Business In Less Than 6 Months

Mr. Appliance of Jacksonville | Fred Davis Testimonial

Mr. Appliance of Jacksonville | Fred Davis Testimonial

New Case Study: Phoenix Appliance Repair

If you’re still struggling with appliance repair leads and high-priced SEO services, but not getting the results you’re paying for, by the time you’re finished watching this video, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t made the switch yet.

Here’s an actual case study from our client in Phoenix:

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Great Day At Dan’s Appliance…

“Hello, great day at Dan’s Appliance, may I help you?” Doris smiled through her normal rough tone and croupy voice.

Doris was the first real employee Dan ever hired. In the ten years since she started, she’s helped with accounting, payroll, HR, janitorial duties, wiped snotty noses, broken up fights, and especially answered the phone.

She was never particularly great at answering the phone, but her strong personality and “take no prisoners” attitude fit well with a small company that was as rough around the edges as she was.

It was a comfortable and convenient fit for everybody.

Ten years later, she’s as strong and dependable as ever.

With 5 trucks, 4 techs (not including Dan), and a real business now, Doris is the glue that holds everything together.

“Hello, great day at Dan’s Appliance, may I help you?” Doris smiled with her 2 pack of Marlboros a day charm.

“Yes, sir, we repair all makes and models and our service fee is waived with the repair,” she chimed.

“We can get somebody out today between 3 and 5…,” she rolled her eyes, bored, but still smiling.

“What about tomorrow then…? …No? Okay, well if you change your mind, give us a call back,” she sighed, hanging up the phone.

As Dan hurried past her desk, she quipped, “People are so impatient these days. You offer them same day service, and they’re still not happy. It’s not like it used to be, Dan.”

If Doris only knew.

With the Yellow Pages finally biting the dust, and this whole internet thing taking over, business was tough lately. Dan wasn’t about to let it show, but pressure was mounting.

“No appointment?” he snapped.

“Nope, said he was gonna call around,” she said with a puzzled look on her face. “You know, I’ve been getting a lot of those lately, even when we have spots open same day.”

“Are the phones ringing?” Dan asked, throwing out his hands? He was thinking about the pretty penny he just paid for his new website and SEO Guy, butterflies churning.

“We’re getting calls, but people don’t want to set the appointment anymore. Dan, I’m answering the phone the same way I have for the past ten years… I don’t know what’s going on.”

Frustrated, but not wanting to discourage Doris any more than he already had, Dan softened his tone, “Keep trying, Doris, we’ll figure it out.”

Let’s pause the story right there for just a minute.

Obviously, this isn’t a true story…but it could be.

In fact, it could be YOUR story.

Maybe you’re feeling the pain of the Yellow Pages fading out, and the “fear of the unknown,” with the internet creeping in…

Maybe you’ve felt the anguish and frustration of paying some Internet Guru to build you a new website only to find you’re still not getting any real results…

Maybe “Doris” reminds you of your receptionist, and you can feel the tension and frustration of Dan’s story when it comes to not getting the volume of appointments that you used to…

Maybe there’s some truth to this story after all.

Having worked with appliance repair companies for the past 18 months, I know about your struggles, and pains, and secret gripes.

I know you’re spending more and more money on your advertising; Facebook, and Google, and SEO.

And I know you’re definitely not getting the results you were hoping for.

But what if I told you there was a way to make your advertising 2x more effective… without increasing your ad budget, without more traffic, and without generating more leads?

What if I told you my clients secretly confessed to DOUBLING their appointments overnight using this same proprietary method?

And finally, what if I told you it was absolutely FREE?

Would you be interested?

Here’s where you can find out more information:


Let me know how else I can help.

Justin Eckrich
Appliance Repair Marketing, LLC.

P.S.  I created this unique system for my paying clients only, but I’d like you to try it out for free.  Let me know what you think.


The Truth About SEO: 7 Things Every Appliance Repair Company Needs To Know

With Top 3  rankings for almost every major keyword in our  market, I was on the verge of getting fired by my client.

I had painstakingly built an impenetrable SEO Fortress, complete with article distribution, press releases, a thriving blog, a strong social media presence, a sophisticated backlink strategy, and even multiple websites targeting different segments of our market.  

We were getting tons of quality traffic, and the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post even ran articles on my client’s company because of our SEO.  

But 14 months into our SEO campaign we still only had ONE new client.  

With my reputation as an SEO Consultant hanging in the balance, I read every book I could get my hands on related to Google Adwords…

And over the next 9 months we generated $2.4M in revenue, strictly from pay per click advertising.  

While SEO Experts and Google Adwords Consultants are both highly skilled at discrediting  one another for the sake of selling their services, how do you know who’s telling the Truth?  

As an SEO Consultant for 2 ½ years, and then an Adwords Certified Partner since 2011, I know both sides of the story.  

And the Truth is, it’s not about which one is better, it’s about which one is better for appliance repair companies.   

So with that being said, Here’s 7 Truths SEO Experts Don’t Want You To Know

1.  SEO Is Extremely Difficult To Measure – With blog posts, articles, press releases, directory submissions, and various other on and off-page optimizations, it’s nearly impossible to measure which activities are contributing to your results, and which are not, relegating you to a single, oft-confusing bundle you call “SEO.”

2.  There’s No Such Thing As “FREE Traffic” –  While this is many small business owners favorite reason for using SEO, the Truth is SEO is never free.   Because your results can take months to fully realize, and your time is far more valuable than money, the opportunity cost makes SEO one of the most expensive forms of traffic you can buy.  Not to mention your SEO Agency’s monthly fees.  

3.  SEO Is Becoming Increasingly Volatile –  With two major shifts in SEO algorithms in the last two years, Penguin and Panda, plus the almost quarterly mini updates, building your business with SEO is like building your house on the sand.  

As your business grows, and you lease more trucks, hire more techs, and your monthly expenses are increasingly dependent on SEO traffic, what happens when Google decides to update their algorithm?  

If you thought being at the mercy of manufacturer’s warranties was bad, wait till your business crumbles like a house of cards because Google changes their algorithm.  

4. Google Doesn’t Pay The Bills With SEO – In late 2012 Google made another significant update to their search results page, with paid ads now occupying 85% of above-the-fold real estate for high commercial intent keywords.   A recent study by Wordstream Research concludes this shift has resulted in paid ads outperforming SEO for new customers online nearly 2 to 1.   

With Adwords accounting for 96% of Google’s revenue, don’t be surprised if this trend continues.  More paid ads, means more bank for Google.  

5.  SEO Is Built For Content, Not Conversions – This single discovery is what took me from zero to $2.4M in just 9 short months.   Although we had tons of great content, which is what drives SEO traffic, we were educating the market for free.  

As an appliance repair company, your objective is NOT to educate the market.  Your objective is to get the market to pick up the phone and call you.   And with such a short sales cycle, your ideal customer isn’t interested in reading articles and blog posts.  They simply want fast, reliable service, so they can get back to their routine as quickly as possible.  

6.  SEO Is Increasingly Costly To Execute – Three years ago you could get away with outsourcing your SEO overseas, writing crappy articles, and spamming random forums with irrelevant content to get valuable backlinks.  

Today, with the Penguin and Panda updates, you can’t get away with the same tricks you did in 2010.  You need REAL content.  GOOD content.  And A LOT of content. But the only problem with a well-written article is it can take a whole day to execute, regardless of whether you write it yourself or hire an SEO Agency.   And then you still have to rank it in the search engines, which takes even more time and money.   

7.  SEO Is Still Only Traffic – With all the magical, mystical fairy dust the SEO experts wield with fanciful force, at the end of the day, it’s still just traffic.  

And regardless of whether your traffic comes from pay per click, social media, or SEO, if it’s not converting into new customers, then it’s ultimately costing you money instead of making it.  

Please don’t think I’m here to discredit SEO, because I’m not.  SEO can add tremendous value to the right product, in the right market, but it’s important to understand the dynamics of your business as it relates to SEO.  

And having successfully launched pay per click campaigns in 55 unique markets, specifically for appliance repair companies, my experience has proven there’s no greater model for proven ROI than Google Adwords.  

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