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Appliance Repair Leads For $4.57?

Okay, so you’ve spent some time checking us out online, you’re subscribed to our newsletter, you’ve even heard some of our client testimonials…but you’re still not sure what to expect with the Appliance Repair Marketing System.

Well, here’s what one of our newer client accounts, A-1 Appliance Repair, looked like in their first 30 days:

Appliance Repair Marketing, First 30 Days

Admittedly, month one always gets off to a slow start, but it’s like anything else in life, you have to build momentum.

Because we start you out with a brand new domain, and an Adwords account with zero history, it takes about 30 days before you really start to hit your stride.

But in spite of the slow start, A-1 Appliance Repair still ended up with 310 calls in their first 30 days: 

  • On day one of launching the ARM  System they had their first customer.
  • On day four, they broke 10 calls in a single day.
  • On day ten, they reached 20 calls in a single day.
  • By the 4th week, they averaged 22 calls per day for the entire week.

The highlight of the entire month came on Friday, August 23, when they received 28 calls, with a total adspend of only $128.

That’s a whopping $4.57/call!!

And it just gets better from here…

If you’re interested in learning how the Appliance Repair Marketing System can help you get more leads, better leads, and grow your business, give me a call or shoot me an email and we’ll schedule a time to review your business and see if it makes sense to work together.

Looking forward to speaking soon.


Justin Eckrich
Appliance Repair Marketing



Appliance Repair Freedom

“The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


This 4th of July, as you grill your hamburgers and shoot your bottle rockets, I want you to think about what it means to be free…

And just because you own your own business doesn’t mean you’re free.

If you’re still working for your business, instead of the other way around, then we desperately need to talk.

With a 100% success rate in more than 55 markets, not only does the Appliance Repair Marketing System provide consistent, steady customers week after week, and month after month, but its the key that sets you free from your business.

Isn’t that what keeps you from experiencing the joy and fulfillment your business is supposed to give you?

  • Not having enough customers

  • Not having enough cashflow

  • Not having a proven, automated, lead generation machine

(What would you do with 5-7 new customers per day?)

Here’s a screenshot of our Atlanta client’s past 90 days:

511 calls last month, with only 33% of the ad share.

Remember why you got into business in the first place?

Remember your dreams and ambitions and goals?

Remember your vision?

Friend, it’s not too late.

Not only is the ARM System ridiculously affordable, but it’s backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

So what are you waiting for?

Shoot me an email and if it makes sense to work together, we can get started right away.

The only thing standing between you and your freedom is YOU.
Onward & Upward,
Justin Eckrich
Appliance Repair Marketing, LLC.

P.S. As our prospect list grows bigger, the chances your market will still be available grows smaller. (Remember, we can only work with one appliance repair company per area.)

Because we’re aggressively promoting new markets, and gaining new prospects every single day, you might want to email me pretty quick.

Why Your Advertising Fails…

Let’s pretend for a minute your office is slammed, your secretary is brand new, and your technicians are all on vacation.  

Let’s also pretend you’re walking into this customer’s house completely blind.

You don’t know the brand.  You don’t know the model number.  You don’t even know what’s wrong.

All you know is their washing machine is broken.

After exchanging smiles and apologizing for being late, you quickly find your way to the broken appliance and begin asking questions.

  • How old is the machine?

  • Have you had any previous repairs?

  • Is it making any funny noises?

  • Is it draining?

  • Is it spinning?

Because you learned early on, the more questions you ask, the easier it is to troubleshoot the problem.  (And the quicker you fix the machine, the more money you make.)

You also learned every machine, and every brand, is totally different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

(And sometimes, what you think is the problem, really isn’t the problem.)

With levers, and pulleys, and switches, and motors, all working together toward an end result, if just one component of that machine fails, the whole machine stops working…

But most customers don’t see it that way, do they?

They just see a washing machine.

They don’t understand the intricate and fragile design behind their clean clothes, all they care about is looking and smelling good.

And after countless hours of online research, watching DIY videos on Youtube, calling friends & family, and finally exhausting their wits and patience, they call the experts.

Well, my friend, believe it or not, your online advertising is a lot like that washing machine.

While most small business owners and amatuer marketers only see it as “advertising,” if every component of that machine is not working seamlessly behind the scenes, your advertising is going to fail.

It’s not just the Google ads, or SEO, or Social Media that’s important, but every component of your campaign has to be in perfect harmony:

  • Your marketing must answer who, what, when, where, why and how

  • Your landing pages have to convey trust, professionalism, and competence

  • Your message has to be targeted, relevant, and solve their problem

  • Your offer has to convince them to say, “YES!” right now

  • Your graphic design has to create momentum

And we didn’t even mention conversions, copywriting, branding, positioning, or media.

Let’s be honest, a broken washing machine doesn’t always call for a new belt, anymore than broken advertising calls for spending more money.

You don’t always need more traffic.

You don’t always need to purchase more leads.

You don’t always need more blog posts, or social media, or more SEO.

Like the broken washing machine we talked about earlier, it likely doesn’t need a new motor, but only to replace the lid switch.

If your advertising is broken, and you’ve researched the internet for hours, watched all the DIY YouTube videos, signed up for all the internet marketing newsletters, and you’re still getting nowhere…

Why not call on a marketing consultant that knows Appliance Repair?

For the next 5 Appliance Repair Companies ONLY, I’m offering a FREE Online Marketing Strategy Session, where we’ll build your perfect online marketing plan, craft your perfect message, and design a winning campaign for you from the ground up.

If you’re tired of trying to figure it out on your own, tired of failing, and tired of wasting your time and money, click this link now to schedule your FREE Online Marketing Strategy Session:


About the Author:  Justin Eckrich is the Creator of the Appliance Repair Marketing System, which he has successfully launched in more than 55 unique markets over the past 18 months.  

Appliance Repair Marketing, LLC. is the only online marketing agency in the world that specializes in Appliance Repair.


How To Double Your Appliance Repair Leads In 30 Days

If you’re struggling with shared leads from Home Advisor, Angie’s List, or still trying to squeeze the last drop out of the Yellow Pages, then these next few minutes could change the course of your business for 2013.
Or maybe you’ve already shifted your ad budget to the internet, hired an expensive web designer, an “SEO Guru,” and an in-house Social Media Manager.

And if that’s the case, good for you!

You’re definitely on the right track, but the question still remains, “What kind of ROI are you getting?”

With Google Adwords, not only are your results predictable, consistent, and measurable but you have complete control over the sales process from start to finish.

Here’s the kind of results you can expect when you use Google Adwords the right way:

  • One of our clients, an Appliance Repair Company, just outside of Atlanta, generated more than $29,000 last month, exclusively with Google Adwords.
  • While another client, an Appliance Repair Company in Connecticut, consistently and predictably has been getting more than 600 phone leads per monthfor the past 12 months straight – using ONLY Google Adwords.

So How’d They Do It?

Well, first of all, they’re using our proprietary marketing program called the, Appliance Repair Marketing System, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Working with Appliance Repair Companies for the past 18 months, we’ve found the #1 place to invest your marketing dollars is NOT SEO, Social Media, Google Maps or the Yellow Pages. The fastest and largest ROI only comes from Google Adwords.

And Here’s 3 BIG Reasons Why…

1) SPEED – With Google Adwords, and the ARM System, you’ll be getting new leads within days, instead of months, and you’ll be
cash positive your very first month.
2) SCALABILITY – With Google Adwords as the traffic engine, the ARM System grows your business with the push of a button.  I know that’s hard to believe, but quite literally, as you increase your budget, your business grows.
3) VOLUME – In a recent study, published by Wordstream,  pay per click advertising powers past SEO, as the #1 source for getting new customers online.
Now that we’ve established why Google Adwords is the superior traffic method, here’s 3 quick action tips that can effectively DOUBLE your appliance repair leads overnight.  You ready?

  1. DO NOT Send Traffic To Your Home Page – If you’ve been sending traffic to your home page, you’ve been leaving a TON of money on the table.  Google Adwords is most effective when you serve up targeted results for targeted keywords.
    For example, if they type in Bosch Washer Repair, don’t drop them off at your home page and hope they figure it out.  Send them to a targeted landing page that spells out your offer, why you’re different, and why they should do business with you right now.
  2. Track Your Phone Leads – If you’re not tracking phone leads, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to know if your Adwords is working or not. The easiest way to track your phone leads is to use a unique phone number for each different advertising media.
    That way you can separate your Yellow Page leads, from your SEO leads, from your Adwords leads.  If you’re using the same phone number for all of your advertising, then you’ll never know what’s working and what’s not.
  3. Create A Targeted Sales Funnel – This might be the trickiest of the bunch, but if they type in “sub zero fridge repair,” they should see an ad for Sub Zero Fridge Repair, that takes them to a Sub Zero Fridge Repair landing page.  The more linear your sales funnel, the better.

If Google’s mission is to “deliver relevant results,” and “provide the best user experience possible,” wouldn’t it make sense for us to do the same thing?

It’s quite simple really; the more targeted your ads, and the more relevant your landing pages, the more success you’ll have with Google Adwords.

Onward & Upward,

Justin Eckrich
Appliance Repair Marketing, LLC.

P.S. To see if the ARM System is still available in your area, please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email.

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Without buying junk leads or spending a fortune on Google Adwords

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  • We've worked with SEO companies, we've purchased leads, we've done it all. But ARM is our #1 marketing source. When times are good and times are tough these guys are there for us. This is our bread and butter. I would recommend these guys to anybody.

    Dillon Myrick, A1 Appliance Repair