Okay, so you’ve spent some time checking us out online, you’re subscribed to our newsletter, you’ve even heard some of our client testimonials…but you’re still not sure what to expect with the Appliance Repair Marketing System.

Well, here’s what one of our newer client accounts, A-1 Appliance Repair, looked like in their first 30 days:

Appliance Repair Marketing, First 30 Days

Admittedly, month one always gets off to a slow start, but it’s like anything else in life, you have to build momentum.

Because we start you out with a brand new domain, and an Adwords account with zero history, it takes about 30 days before you really start to hit your stride.

But in spite of the slow start, A-1 Appliance Repair still ended up with 310 calls in their first 30 days: 

  • On day one of launching the ARM  System they had their first customer.
  • On day four, they broke 10 calls in a single day.
  • On day ten, they reached 20 calls in a single day.
  • By the 4th week, they averaged 22 calls per day for the entire week.

The highlight of the entire month came on Friday, August 23, when they received 28 calls, with a total adspend of only $128.

That’s a whopping $4.57/call!!

And it just gets better from here…

If you’re interested in learning how the Appliance Repair Marketing System can help you get more leads, better leads, and grow your business, give me a call or shoot me an email and we’ll schedule a time to review your business and see if it makes sense to work together.

Looking forward to speaking soon.


Justin Eckrich
Appliance Repair Marketing