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We know your industry. We know your customer. We already have a proven system. With ARM, it’s not just about making your phone ring, it’s about helping you grow your business.

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“In 2008, we almost had to close our doors. We’ve absolutely seen a change in our business since working with ARM. If you’re not using ARM, you should be.”

Bob Tuck

MRA Naples

“We were pumping $2,000 a month with Scorpion, and the phone just wasn’t ringing. These guys do what they say, and make the phone ring. They saved my business.”

Chad Jansen

MRA Laguna Beach

“I’ve been open 20 years, so I’ve gotten a lot of promises. When I partnered with ARM, my phone started ringing day one. I’ve already added an extra tech, and I plan to add a new tech every month as we continue to grow.”

Dana Duncan

A Accurate Air & Appliance

“With ARM, I’ve been able to grow my business FAST. In the last 2 years, we’ve added 5 new technicians! Which is amazing because we do 90% COD work. We plan to add 3, 4, 5 more techs in the next couple of years. I would not be able to grow this fast, if I wasn’t working with ARM.”

Dedra Hilderbrand

Appliance Connection

“I thought I had a good lead generation company until I signed with ARM. It was absolutely night and day. For the same money, I was getting 30% – 50% more phone calls from ARM. I recommend ARM to everybody. ”

Fred Davis

MRA Jacksonville

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“We’ve had other companies that we did marketing through. ARM is absolutely miles ahead of them. We wouldn’t be at this point without them.”

Jarod Stentiford

MRA Atlanta

“ARM is our #1 internet advertiser. Their dashboard has really been a game changer to measure our results.”

Jim Roark

MRA Tampa

“The calls are coming in and they’re paying for themselves – plus more. Definitely recommend ARM for anyone who wants not only more calls, but more customers.”

Nicolas Monzon

Proex Appliance Service

“Before I came to ARM, I wasn’t getting calls. Since I came to ARM, I’ve added 3 trucks and another franchise. You never have to worry about your phone ringing.”

Quentin Smith

MRA West Augusta

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“The good thing about ARM vs. a competitor is they’re not focused on the guy next door. Their attention is invested in us.”

Randy Hobbs

MRA Fayeteville

“Thanks to Appliance Repair Marketing, my phones started ringing from day one and haven’t stopped since. Justin and his team do a great job of getting me the maximum number of leads possible.”

Brad Patel

MRA Little Rock

“With other PPC companies, you never knew if you were hiring a firm who was also employed by a competitor. Then we found out about Justin and Appliance Repair Marketing.”

Chuck Brady

MRA Port Richey

“A friend of mine basically told me I’d be a fool if I didn’t contact Justin. She told me I’d thank her later – which I did.”

Daniel Crater

MRA Greensboro

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“I get more leads from these guys than any other internet marketing. Give ‘em 3 months – you’ll see a big difference.”

Renny Picchini

MRA Lancaster

“We started in January, and it was a fantastic month because of these guys! Every month we’ve gotten more and more jobs from them. I would advise anybody to use Appliance Repair Marketing.”

Terry McDonald

MRA Central OHIO

“Since we started with Appliance Repair Marketing, we’ve gotten substantial volume in new calls. We’ve actually hired a new technician just to help us with those extra calls.”

Tommy Martinez

Johnnies Home Appliance

“I’ve been with ARM for two months. Our phone’s ringing enough now that I’m starting to look for a second technician. And their quality of leads is obviously much, much better than some of the other people we know…”

Trent Jackson

MRA Lexington

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“We were pumping $2,000 a month with Scorpion, and the phone just wasn’t ringing. These guys do what they say, and make the phone ring. They saved my business.”

Chad Grubofski

MRA Mid America

“I talked to other franchises and appliance companies, and they just swore by the whole ARM system. They said “When you turn on ARM, you’ll have to hire a tech immediately” – and we did! We previously used Home Advisor, but ARM captured the leads faster and at better cost, so we cancelled with Home Advisor. I’m 100% sure that no one captures leads as well as ARM.”

Joe Walters

MRA Bloomington

“The results speak for themselves. ARM is the only company I’ve worked with that gets me calls consistently. The volume is FANTASTIC. I can pick up the phone or email and get a quick response, with real analytics. With ARM, I know that someone is paying attention to my business.”

John McAllen

MRA Mentor

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